If you wonder where Shorter is headed, please read this.


Thank you for considering being a part of the Save Our Shorter protest. We ask that you be respectful to each other and to anyone you may encounter at all times. We have a permit to use the sidewalk directly in front of the university, on Shorter Avenue.  Signs can be no more than 3’x3’ (poster paper size). No wooden sticks, poles or supports may be used. Signs are to be displayed by hand.

Shorter University is located at 315 Shorter Avenue in Rome.

Shorter Ave is very busy at 8:00 A.M. You will need to allow time to be in place at 8:00. The  permit ends at 11:00 A.M.

Sherwood Road is the street you would turn into to get to Shorter. It is a large loop and comes back into Shorter Avenue. If you plan to drop someone off, that is where you should turn.

Shorter Circle is a short block down from the school, it is also a loop of a street with houses lining only one side of the street, the other is made up of a big green space.

Sherwood’s end of loop comes next, and then Westmore Road, all on the left going west. These are all residential. If you park there, please park along the curbs, and don’t block driveways. The Armory and Heritage Park are within walking distance for some (a couple of blocks). We will also have a shuttle that will be available from the Armory to Shorter sidewalk IF you post here that you need some help.

 Other places are:

Behind Arby’s, across the street at the Old Mr. Winners on 27 (Martha Berry).

Alto shopping center down the street (on the right going west on Shorter) may have room for some cars. It isn’t a big shopping center.

 There is a much larger shopping area a little farther west on the right, and the IGA is located there as well as a Rite Aid. It might be able to accommodate several vehicles.

Do NOT park in the shopping center where Chick-fil-A and Provinos are located.

Save Our Shorter will conduct a peaceful protest on Wednesday, April 18, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., in conjunction with the campus visit of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ (SACS) accreditation team. The objective of the protest is to call the attention of the SACS team to three issues:

1. The current administration’s inappropriate censorship of the repertoire of the School of Fine and Performing Arts;

2. The administration’s imposition of limits on the academic freedom of the faculty; and

3. The inappropriate influence of the Georgia Baptist Convention on the Shorter University Board of Trustees.

All interested parties should gather at 8 a.m. at the main entrance. For directions, please see We thank you for your willingness to stand up for positive Christian values. In keeping with our group’s commitment to nonviolent social change, we ask that all who participate follow all ordinances related to public assemblies.

4 responses to “SOS TO PROTEST

  1. I think it is interesting that the announcement assumes that our concern for Shorter University would only concern “positive Christian values.” As a Reform Jew and graduate of Shorter University, I think the values we are talking about are more universal and applicable to anyone regardless of religious affiliation or tradition. After all, the teachings of Jesus are derived from the Torah, to include the so-called great commandment, and the Apostle Paul was a practicing Jew until his death — hello!

  2. Moderator’s Note: Christianity, of course, has no corner on the values market–and neither do Price, Dowless, and company. The comment referred to by Michael K. Moore was not intended to imply that the only valid religious or ethical values are Christian. Rather, it was meant to counter a false assertion often made by the current administration: That those of us who oppose the new policies are somehow less Christian, less moral, or otherwise inferior to the originators of the Personal Lifestyle Statement.

  3. I hear ya, Michael– I think the point here is to stress that those who are now running Shorter (into the ground?), who claim they can justify all their actions based on a mandate from God, are NOT demonstrating positive Christian values. The protest aims for a greater good–aligned more accurately with the values Shorter is truly rooted in. Dowless, Price, and the trustees need to understand that they cannot vilify their opposition by relegating them to ‘non-Christian’ principles.

  4. Parking is still being discussed… recommendations accepted! Signage can be no larger than 3 ft X 3 ft with other details at the ordinance link which can be found in the Post above…

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