My Story About Shorter University

My name is Jacob Bean and I’m a college graduate.

I had planned on transferring to Shorter University in the Fall after receiving a full ride to the institution.

Being the son of missionaries, my parents don’t have the income to put me through college, therefore I was stoked to find out I had received one of ten full rides.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, but moved around in my later teenage years with my parents. We currently live in North Dakota where they do mission work with Native Americans. I recently graduated with two associate degrees and had planned on transferring to finish my Bachelors Degree.

I recently started hearing murmurings about the lifestyle statement at Shorter. Being gay, it really bothered me, but I figured I could be the change they so desperately need.

After much consideration, I no longer believe that I can attend or accept a full-ride to a university that has such a close-minded view. I’m all about love, equality and acceptance. I don’t think Jesus would acted the same way or have fired someone for being gay – he would have accepted and loved them. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I want to be proud of the university I attend and be a proud alumni – I don’t think I could ever be proud of Shorter University.

Another thing that has really worried me has been the large exodus of faculty and staff from the University. With all of the teachers leaving, the quality of education must be lacking. I want a good education not one that is being taught by brand new teachers.

The university also lied straight to my face. I’ve been trying to contact the VP of Enrollment for past few weeks because I won’t be able to attend the orientation for transfer students due to a conflict in scheduling. I was told multiple times that John Head was out of town, on vacation, sick or had stepped out of the office, when in fact he had resigned at the end of May. They never told me that.

Its sad that an institution of higher learning, especially an liberal arts school, would be so close-minded.

As a gay person and advocate for love and acceptance, I can’t attend Shorter University.

I hope other students will follow in my footsteps, so that Shorter University understands what they have done isn’t the Christian thing to do.

On the flip side, I now have to find another university to attend; with it being mid-summer, many institutions have closed registration. The chances of getting scholarships this late in the year are slim to none as well. It’s a big bummer. I’m frustrated and saddened.

Thought my story should be heard.


Jacob Bean

7 responses to “My Story About Shorter University

  1. Jonathan Luttrell

    Thanks for sharing, Jacob. Rest assured that what Shorter is now is not what it has been in the past, and will not be what it remains!

  2. Jacob, I am sorry that you did not get to experience the Shorter that we all loved. It is now a very different place. I am sorry, as a Shorter grad, that you had this experience. I would very much suggest that you send this well written letter to the Rome News Tribune for publication

  3. Donna S. Chambers

    It is very disturbing that you were lied to in such a manner. The uncaring Shorter that exists now has negatively altered one more person’s universe with little thought. You are obviously a very caring and loving person, and I wish you the very best in a college experience. You deserve it, Jacob.

  4. Jacob, I am so sorry you had to experience this. I went to Shorter in the 90’s after spending my entire childhood/ teenage years at a Southern Baptist church run school/high school. I was very sheltered to say the least. The experiences I had at Shorter opened my eyes in a gentle way to what the world was really like by the variety of people that attended Shorter. I met open minded professors and students, hung out with theatre majors, was exposed to differing viewpoints by well rounded Christian people. I even had a roommate who took me to a black church one Sunday. Growing up in a church where clapping was not allowed, and every one sat like stone during the service was what I was used to. Seeing a church service so alive and real opened my eyes to the different types of worship out there. The Shorter of 2012 is not that Shorter I attended. Half the people that I went to school with there would not be able to attend now. I only looked at Shorter and the moment I stepped on campus I knew that this was the place for me even though it was three hours from home and I was the first member of my family to go to college. That was the kind of family spirit Shorter had, but not now. I wish you the best in your college experience wherever you go.

  5. Felieca Cato Cordle

    Jacob, I am sorry that you won’t get to experience the Shorter that we love so dearly. I would like to claify something though; while in no way defending the current events at Shorter, I would like to say that my dear friend, John Head was indeed on vacation in Europe for 10 days before he came home and turned in his resignation on June 11.

  6. Shannon Cross

    I know this probably will not help a lot, but I know that the staff in admissions was not told about John Head leaving until the second week of June.

  7. Jacob, this breaks my heart. I’m currently at Shorter, getting ready to finish my last year there. I’m actually leaving for a semester-long missions internship in South America in just a few days. I’m so sorry you won’t get to experience the Shorter that I fell in love with and hope to see again one day. I understand your concerns. I don’t know what I will be coming home to in the spring semester. I’ve grown up with Shorter, many of my family graduated from Shorter and have personally called it home for the last 3 years. The whole situation breaks my heart.

    I pray that you find a school very soon for you. God will lead you to where you need to be. Wishing you all the best in your search.

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