Understanding the Fundamentalist Mindset on Christian Education

The following articles come from the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology and may be found at Biblical Studies.org.uk under the heading of The Promise of Christian Higher Education. The articles were written in the Fall of 1997.

5 responses to “Understanding the Fundamentalist Mindset on Christian Education

  1. Greetings,

    For clarification…are these articles posted to help illuminate our understanding of what a Christian education should look like…and how Shorter fails to meet the ideals described in these articles…or are they posted to suggest how these universities (OBU, Taylor University, Trinity Evangelical, etc.), and those who may think and operate similarly, are also fundamentalist in nature? How am I to understand the fundamentalist mindset upon reading these articles? Some additional commentary would prove helpful. Thanks!

  2. Santa's Little Elf, with all your answers

    Google Scholar should have what you need to gain the insight you seek; a great professor, Terry Morris, could show you how to use it 🙂

  3. The articles are readily accessible. I’m curious what SOS would have us glean from them.

  4. Glean what you would like, sir. It’s safe to say that SOS is trying to offer what insight it can into the mindset behind these policies. If you can’t find what you want to know here, look elsewhere. You give off the vibe of an instigator rather than a true seeker of knowledge, to be honest.

  5. Hi Really,

    I’m genuinely sorry to hear you feel that way. One might suggest that the mission of SOS is to “instigate” an examination of Shorter’s policies and ideologies. Since we all participate in the marketplace of ideas, I think that is a fair mission. I also think it is fair for readers to examine and scrutize the ideology of SOS and similar groups with equal rigor.

    In regard to the articles above, I am very familiar with the authors and institutions represented. What I cannot surmise is whether these authors and institutions are reflective of the kind of religious and organizational ideals that “fundamentalist” colleges and universities would be better served to aspire toward, or if they are further evidence of the kind of fundamentalism that SOS seeks to expose. In short, I’m not sure if SOS is positing that these articles reflect the kind of institutions we should model or avoid. The post without commentary is very confusing, and I’ve had little luck finding clarification. I would enjoy hearing SOS’s reflection on these articles, especially if it illuminated some common ground that we share and can build upon.

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