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In the summer of 1925, biology teacher John Scopes was on trial for illegally teaching the theory of evolution. The trial, soon to become known as the “Scopes Monkey Trial” drew spectators from around the state of Tennessee who feared that teaching evolution would destroy the very fabric of America. That trial, conducted almost 85 years ago, ended with John Scopes being fined $100.00.

The repercussions of the trial have echoed over and over in the ensuing years, but the mentality of a repressive Victorian society still exists.

At a 2002 meeting of the Louisiana College Board of Trustees, the following motion was introduced. Whether the motion was adopted or not, we do not know, but what is exhibited below reflects a mindset that has only grown more narrow. It ignores science, it discounts documented facts and buries its head to anything other than its restricted view. More importantly, it is the antithesis  of academic freedom and indeed, higher education itself.

For more information on the current state of Louisiana (Baptist) College, we suggest you read Accreditation: What Fundamentalism Eventually Costs You on the Save OBU website and the SACS re-accreditation report from December 2011.

WHEREAS “Liberalism” is the “Cancer” of Biblical Christianity specifically as it affects denominations and

WHEREAS, The “Hotbed” of “Liberalism” is most often cultivated in the colleges, universities and seminaries within the denomination; and

WHEREAS, this “Cancer” of “Liberalism” is sown and cultivated by selected faculty members within these institutes of higher learning; and

WHEREAS, the hiring of faculty and the awarding of tenure or tenure track to faculty is of the utmost importance; and

WHEREAS, The Louisiana Baptist Convention has entrusted the Board of Trustees of Louisiana College with the duty to protect the college from becoming less than Baptist in character; and

WHEREAS, the majority of Louisiana Baptists hold that: (1) All scripture is inerrant; (2)Homosexuality is not an acceptable life style but is an unacceptable and sinful life style and as such , not acceptable to Louisiana College; (3) Creationism – not evolutionism – is the proper view of the origin of man; (4) Abortion constitutes the murder of an innocent baby; and (5) the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message speaks clearly as to what Louisiana Baptists believe,



Before granting tenure and/or tenure track status to any faculty member of Louisiana (Baptist) College, the motion is made that the following factors be included in the present procedure for granting tenure and/or tenure track status:

  1. The candidate requesting tenure and/or tenure track status appear before the Academic Affairs Committee for a brief introduction and interview;
  2. The candidate submit a statement of opinion (one paragraph or less per issue) to the chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee ten (10) days prior to interview in regards to the following issues: (a) the inerrancy of Holy Scripture (b) the Baptist Faith and Message (c) the evolution theory; (d) abortion (e) homosexuality; and (f) the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and
  3. The candidate submit a letter of reference from their attending church pastor as to their Christian character and service.

If Shorter supporters do not stand up for her, this is surely where we are headed.