We would like to thank our readers for supporting SOS and for their feedback. We urge you to read the comments on the articles that we post, and respond as you see fit. Respectful, open dialog is what is necessary to bring to the table the best of all of us.

While we know that some may disagree with our opinions, we would submit that we are, as best as is possible, giving you the truth as we have learned it.

Some of our readers have been kind enough to share articles with us that we feel would be profitable to share with all of you.

An alum shared an article entitled “The Fallacy of Statements of Faith” from the Sojurners website.

The Save OBU (Oklahoma Baptist University) website continues its excellent series of articles on Understanding Fundamentalism. We’ll start your reading from the beginning of the series. Just click here.

Finally, SafetyNet, a support organization for LGBTQ youth sent us  this Letter to Save Our Shorter Community.

We thank our readers for sharing their thoughts and support.

There are insightful and thought provoking statements here and we would like your feedback.

One response to “A WIDER VIEW

  1. I left a comment on the Molly Worthen article on Fred Luter in the Tuesday NY Times. I mentioned Shorter and Nelson Price. Some of you may want to take a look. It should come up if you click on my name. Worthen’s analysis is excellent.

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